Witchcraft – Cleansing 101

North London Witch discusses all things cleansing in todays post!

Cleansing, probably the first thing you should start practicing on your journey to witchcraft. In fact, the most common question I get on TikTok is ‘how do I cleanse’ (even though I have already shown the process half the time…)

If you’re the kind of person who dreads cleaning the house, it isn’t necessarily just that. I HATE the build up to the Big Clean because, as much as I potter around to sort my flat out, sometimes you have *a day* and that day means all the shit just builds up. All those used mugs with tea stains getting worse because you’d rather use the same mug over and over again than even contemplate washing up, the floordrobe (admit it, you have one too) or the fact you can’t remember the last time you got off your arse to run the hoover round can all impact your energy. You’ll feel it as well as see it. It will drain you, make you sad and even make the very air around you feel heavy. 

Cleansing however, I look forward to and do it in little ways most days. Even if I don’t have the spoons to do the pile of dishes my boyfriend hasn’t touched, I can still make the energy around me feel better. Plus, cleansing feels witchy AF. 

And there is more than one way to do it, whether you’re in the Broom Closet or out in the open. You can make it ceremonial, or you can just make it part of your normal routine. Adding an extra step while you put your face on as the time is always there. Eventually you’ll find a way that works for you and you will never be more satisfied. 

Cleansing with Incense 

We will all reach the point in our journey where our incense collection is out of control. I’m actually on an incense ban until I use what I have because, to quote my boyfriend, ‘there is no space left in my hippy drawer’. Cleansing is the best way to get through the horde. 

Each kind of incense has a different purpose when you put your intention into it. Sandalwood and Dragon’s Blood are my favourites for cleansing my space and tools. If you need a bit more like, adding a soothing energy as you are under so much stress you might explode, use lavender. If you can feel you need a bit of self-care or self-love, crack out the rose.

Incense also gets bonus points for being a way to cleanse your spell jars, cauldrons and even your tarot deck

Cleansing sprays 

This is one of my more ceremonial ones… around the New Moon (fresh chapter time), I like to make a simmer pot. Mate, does it feel fucking witchy. 

I have a dedicated saucepan specifically for this. It’s a charity shop Le Creuset. It’s cast iron, well worn, a bit dented. My little kitchen cauldron, that’s also a little bit middle class… even though it cost me £5 instead of £150 (for a fucking pan). 

Light up a candle for your ancestors, grab your kitchen cauldron and a small heat proof dish, and follow the below: 


  1. Moon water (as much as you like)
  2. 400ml of tap water
  3. 2 sliced lemons
  4. Dried lavender (or essential oil if easier)
  5. Cloves 
  6. Cinnamon sticks 
  7. Sage
  8. Rosemary 
  9. Salt 
  10. Ice

First, place your heatproof dish in the middle of the saucepan. Layer your ingredients around said pot (I usually do so anti-clockwise to banish negative energy), add both waters and pop your saucepan lid on UPSIDE DOWN.

Add the ice to the centre of the upside down saucepan and keep it topped up while you simmer your little potion for around 15 minutes. This will help create condensation and the distilled liquid will drop into the heatproof dish. This will be your cleansing spray!

Once the 15 minutes are up, leave to cool and then pour your distilled liquid from the heatproof dish into a spray bottle. I spray mine in each of the 4 corners of a room clockwise each day. So I don’t waste all that sexy cleansing energy, I’ll use the remaining ingredients and liquid in a ritual bath that evening. *chefs kiss*

Sound Cleansing

Imagine a hadouken… or a Force punch… or even Bombarda. (Yes, I have all of the nerdy references). Sound can act like a physical shield to push negative energies away and protect you from them. Probably the best method for a Closet Witch. You can use whatever you want. Whether you walk through every room with a singing bowl, blast music that makes you happy at full volume or even just clapping a lot and telling whatever you don’t want there to piss off. Whatever works for you. Sometimes, I play musical soundtracks… 

Smoke cleansing

Probably the most well known and you can use anything you like. I like to dry my own little bundles (you can just lay your ingredients on a radiator for 24 hours then wrap with twine) but you can also buy bundles easily off Etsy. 

There are also lots of different kinds you can use, my favourites are Garden Sage, Rosemary and Heather. Just like with incense, you just spark it up and walk around your space with your intention clear in your mind. Bam, cleansed space in 5 minutes. 

So, the TLDR is not only is cleansing easy and fun, there are lots of different ways to do it. Find what works for you and even if you only do it once a month, you’ll be amazed by the difference. 

How do you cleanse your space? Let us know in the comments below or via our social channels as we love to share knowledge. Also, make sure to follow AJ AKA North London Witch over on her social channels for more Witchcraft advice. 

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Simple rituals for beginner witches

North London Witch shares some of her favourite rituals for beginner Witches.

I know what it’s like when you’re first starting out. It feels like a minefield on what to do and what not to do when you’re starting your journey into witchcraft, there is so much gatekeeping and horror stories that some of you may be anxious to take the next step in your craft. Many people advise not to do any kind of spell work in your first year, sure, some spell work is not recommended, but there are some simple ways to start once you have your energies in control, and even some before. 

I mean, how else are you going to learn? 

Now, please, for the love of all that is divine (however you lean in your practice), do not jump straight into filling lemons and hexing just because other people are doing it and ‘it looks easy’. You don’t want anything coming back to you or rebounding, and so many more seasoned witches seem to spend an awful lot of time trying to help clean up messes… tbh, it’s a bit exhausting. 

So, let’s go through some simple, easy to manage rituals that you can practice for yourself as you’re learning. 

Image by karin.krn 

Ritual baths

One of the best things, especially around a full or new moon. And the most relaxing thing you can do. 

Pick and incense or candle that matches your intention. Sandalwood for cleansing, lavender for soothing, rose for self love. 

Pick your ingredients and water safe crystals. 

For example, when I take a full moon bath, I use dried garden sage, lavender essential oils or fresh lavender, pink Himalayan salt and burn a cinnamon candle and sandalwood incense. All of these things have cleansing and protective properties. Bonus points if you add moon water too! 

If you can’t be arsed with the mess afterwards, you can put everything in a little bag and hang it under the bath as you run it. 

Create a protection candle 

I’m going to tell you two ways you can do this! One way with a taper / spell candle, and one way with a tea light. 


Basically any herb with protective properties but here are a few that you’ll probably find in your kitchen

  • Cloves (also used for banishment)
  • Sage
  • Rosemary 
  • Cinnamon
  • Sigil or phrase (e.g. ‘this place is protected’)
  • Any kind of oil if you’re using a taper/spell candle 
  • Black candle (or white as it can be used for any colour)

Step 1:

First you need to cleanse your space, you can use incense for this. Next, put your intentions into your herbs, otherwise, they are just herbs. You need to tell them what to do, if you want to literally say it, that totally works. Grind or mix your herbs as you do this. 

Step 2:

Carve your sigil or phrase into your candle, I use a sewing needle but if that’s effort, a sharpie will do! 

Step 3:

For a taper candle, take your oil and EITHER rub the oil towards you to invite the protection to you, or rub away from you to repel the negative energies. Whichever you think is right on this occasion. My preference is to dress towards me when making a protection candle. 

Step 4:

Pour out your herbs and spices onto a sheet / easy to clean surface. Lay your oiled candle in the herbs and, as above, either roll towards you to invite the protective energies or roll away from you if you want to repel the negative energies. Again, my preference is towards me. 

Step 5:

Light and think your intention clearly. You can even repeat it to yourself out loud. 

If you’re using a tea light, I like to melt the wax first so do steps 1 and 2 above, then take your tea light and pop it in a saucepan with the heat low. When the surface of the wax has melted you can sprinkle your ingredients on top then go straight to step 5! 

Cut-away spell 

This kind of spell that has a lot of different uses but for this example we’re just going to use it as a way to let go of barriers or anything you need to let go of. I have even used it during periods of high stress when I need to push away those negative energies that are holding me back. 


  • 2 tall black candles (again, can be subbed for white) 
  • Piece of string

Step 1:

Cleanse yo’ space!

Step 2:

I like to carve my sigil or phrase into both candles with my intention

Step 3:

Tie the string around the middle of each candle so you have a tightrope situation between the two of them

Step 4:

Light both candles with your intention clear in your mind, or say it out loud. I like to ask the universe to give me the strength to let go. 

Keep the candles burning until the string has separated 

There are obviously many more you can try, but I will leave extras to Emma as you should always learn from more than one source! Remember, you can always reach out to us both for questions and that research is your best friend on this journey. Find my social links here.

Blessed be!

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Easy ‘Kitchen Witchery’ for beginner baby witches

Some simple spells to get you started in your kitchen witch journey!

One of my favourite types of witchcraft that I like to do and is great for beginners is kitchen witchery. 

It’s something that can be done everyday and that you can share with your loved ones. Below are some simple spells you can do with everyday items that can be found in your kitchen. Nice.

Make Moon Water 

This is a great place to start learning intent and working with the moon and it is so simple to get started. Moon water is a great ingredient for all magick spell work that you may be planning in the future but you can just do it as a monthly exercise to start. 

Moon water on alter

What you will need: 

  • A clear container for water 
  • Water 

You can add herbs and crystals etc into the mix later but let’s keep it simple for the purpose of this post


Full Moon. (Next one January 28th ‘The Wolf Moon”)

On the Full Moon, fill your container with water and think of your intentions which you wish to receive for the next month – maybe to find new job opportunities or to attract love or wealth. When you fill the container take another few minutes to really visualise this intent as if it was fact. Literally manifest it into reality. Once you have set your intentions you can then place the water outside to bask in the Moonlight until the next morning. 

This water can then be consumed there and then, or saved to be used for recipes and spells when required. It is also great to use for cleansing sprays and beauty magic as well. 

I’ll do a larger posts on Moon Water in the next few weeks as you can really make the ceremony super charged – any areas you want me to cover, let me know! 

bayleaves and pepper

Bay Leaf intention setting and banishing 

Bayleaf is one of my favourite herbs, it’s so versatile an ingredient and has amazing magickal properties as well. In fact, as well as putting in food and for manifesting like mentioned below you can also put it under your pillow to help with your dreams and connect with your psychic abilities. Nice! 

For intention setting and negativity banishing it’s also packs a punch and here is a quick spell:

You will need:

  • Bayleaf 
  • Pen 
  • A fire proof bowl 
  • Matches


Can be done any time but I usually use certain moon phases to help empower my magic. It’s great to set intentions on the New Moon and to ‘let go’ or “banish’ certain energies on the Full Moon. 


Write what you wish to gain/banish on the bay leaf and then once ready, burn the bayleaf in the fireproof bowl. The smoke will release the intent into the ether and et voila! Your intent has been given to the universe. The universe has your back, daring!

bayleaf chillie thyme and mixed herbs

Dinner Magick 

I love cooking and I adore cooking for others which is why this is the most common type of magic I do. The main dishes that I make which are:

  • Stews 
  • Curries 
  • Pasta sauces such as Ragu and Bolognese 
  • Chillies 
  • Soups 

But honestly you can use any recipe and tweak it to suit, and that is what I love about witchcraft, as you practice more you develop your own spells and processes. 

chillie garlic bayleaf cumin pepper and spices

The reasons I like these recipes (Other than the fact that the are tasty) is that they naturally involve a lot of herbs and ingredients which witches use in their non kitchen spells:

  • Basil 
  • Oregano 
  • Bay leaf 
  • Cinnamon 
  • Chilli 
  • Thyme 
  • Rosemary 
  • Garlic 
  • Salt 
  • Pepper 
  • etc….

As you add each item to the dish make sure to imagine your intent for each ingredient and as you stir make sure to visualise your goals for the spell. Leave it to simmer – I like to stew all my recipes for several hours to really add depth of flavour and of course so it works it’s magick at same the time. Continue to regularly stir it making sure to stir anti clock wise to banish energy and stir clock wise to bring forward energy that you wish to bring towards you, always making sure to keep your intent clear as you do so. Once it’s ready (And I am the sort of cook where it is never truly ready but people have got to eat!) I dish it up and share out. A great way to self care and bring some magick literally inside you at the same time. 

spaghetti bolognese

Now, I don’t about you but I am hungry!  Do you do any kitchen witchery, if so what sort? I’d love to exchange spells and recipes so make sure to let me know below or on our social channels. 




Until next time, Digital Coven! 

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“Adding Water Elements to my altar — and more to come! — for my Full Moon Water Release tonight. I love working with Water in the Autumn and when the Full Moon is in a Water-associated sign. 💦 For tonight’s Water Release Ritual, join our Facebo” by innerjourneyevents is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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North London Witch: Beginners guide to Witchcraft #babywitch101

Digtal Coven contributor the fabulous ‘North London Witch’ shares her insights for baby witches who are just starting out ❤

Well, Hello there my Darlings! 

I hope that you are doing well and are coping with the eclipse season..ekkk! 2020 huh? What a rollercoaster!

I have a little treat for you as my good Friend, AJ AKA North London Witch over on Instagram and TikTok is doing a guest post today for ya’ll baby witches. Make sure to let us know your thoughts below in the comments or to continue the conversation over on our social channels. Take it away, AJ! 

North London Witch : 

So you found yourself on ‘witchtok’. It’s beautiful, it’s satisfying, it’s full of badass Queens and you want to join them…

Well, first of all, welcome! Second of all, slow down a smidge…

A lot of what you have seen may be heavily romanticised, under researched and just done for the aesthetic and the views. Sometimes you really have to scroll for hours before you find accurate info. Only today I had a DM from someone who had done a Hoodoo Honey Jar spell and needed help reversing it because, spoiler alert, everything comes with consequences. 

I mean… that poor person. More on that another day.

Now, we’re not here to gatekeep so please don’t think that. If anything, we just want you to grow into the fabulous witches we know you can be. It just takes a bit of time. 

I know, the spell jars look easy enough and what’s the harm in lighting a black candle during an eclipse… right?

*laughs in tired*

Closed and open practices

Hoodoo, Voodoo, Brujeria, smudging with white sage… I could go on.

They sound fucking cool, i know but unless you were born into that practice or have been invited into that practice by an Elder, it doens’t belong to you.

I am a white half English, half Scottish witch. I wouldn’t dare to start practicing Voodoo as it’s not my culture.  Just as I wouldn’t use white sage in cleansing but I can use Garden sage as it grows locally and is open to me. 

Basically, there is far too much to unpack here so take a look at yourself and speak to elders where you can and find out what is open to you. In short:

  • Crystals
  • Working with the moon
  • Celtic Craft
  • Paganism
  • Wicca 

All open practices and many with lots of available resources for you to learn.

All that energy

Before you even think about doing any spell work it’s important you *know* yourself. Know your energies, your emotions, how to ground yourself when you feel like you’re losing control. Spell work is drawn from your power so you need to control that power. If you don’t, spells can backfire, bounce around or come with consequences you couldn’t possibly imagine.

Examples of ways I ground myself and balance my energies:

  • Watering my plants
  • Yoga practice
  • Salt /ritual baths
  • Morning meditation
  • ‘Pottering’ around my house (doing the dishes, sweeping the floors)
  • Take grounding walks in nature
  • Breathe

Let’s notice how none of those things even need supplies… Sure you can introduce crystals and candles later down the line but, for now, there is no need. If you really want to be a witch, you will legit enjoy all of the above without all the pomp and circumstance. 

Moon Work

This is one of my favourite things about my witchy ways and is also an excellent way to work out if this path is really for you. You can use the cycle of the moon to set intentions and goals each month and work with each different phase of the moon to achieve them. Many witches just use the Full moon or the eclips to make their moon water or to do spell work but they forget about the rest of the phases. The moon is always there and is there to guide us beyond when it’s full so the other phases really shouldn’t be forgotten. 

As a little intro, here are the upcoming moon phases for the rest of November (and some December) so you know when is the peak time for certain activities:

14th December:  New Moon In Saggitarius and Total Solar Eclipse

A new beginning

Think of the New Moon as the beginning of a new chapter. Start to think of what your intention can be for this cycle. It can be something as simple as ‘i will get to the bottom of the laundry basket’ or ‘I will learn the magical properties of at least 3 herbs’. OR you can go bigger like, ‘i will let go of stress’ or even ‘I will step up at work. These things don’t have to be life changing when you first start out so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

I also use this time to cleanse my home for the new cycle (more on that below).

15th December: Waxing first Crescent Moon

The Planning Phase

This is the time to work out whether your intention is right for you right now. Spend this time to really think about it. Meditate. Write a list of every action you can take to achieve your intention, but also a list of everything you shouldn’t do.

21st December:  Waxing first quarter moon AND the Winter Solstice 

The Action Phase

And here we are at the ACTION moon. Start putting all your energies into working towards your intention / goal. Work through your lists, manifest. Basically, Do the Thing. 

25th December: Waxing Gibbous Moon

The Review Phase

This is where you check in with yourself. How is it going, are there any obstacles between you and your intention / goal, is there anything you’re doing that needs refining a bit more? Is there something completely not working that you can just let go of so it doesn’t take your energy away when you could be putting it towards something else? 

30th December: Full Moon in Cancer

The Party Phase

And then we celebrate… if you have achieved your intention for the cycle, it’s party time. If you haven’t, it’s OK! You can simply just thank the universe for giving you the time and energy to try. You may have succeeded but you can always try later, clearly *this* period was just not the right time for that intention. 

Work on your gratitude list, everything that brought your joy during this cycle (even simple things like Festive Coffees are now available) 

You can also use this time for ritual baths, simple spell work, charge your crystals in the moonlight, make your moon water, honour your ancestors, drink wine, make a banging dinner. It’s basically an opportunity to have your own little party every month and who wouldn’t want that? 

2nd January: Waning Gibbous moon

What comes next

The waning gibbous reminds us all that although we may have made progress in some areas, there is always still more work to be done. Identify one area of your life that needs more of your attention  and let go of anything that is getting in your way.

6th January: Last Quarter Moon

The let go and release phase

Ah, the ‘let go’ moon. Always a nice one. This is a good time to purge. Get rid of anything that isn’t giving you purpose. I always use this moon phase to start getting ready for my intention phase and use three days to do a deep clean of my house so i have no other energies affecting mine. But also so you have space in yourself to receive something new. Think about what your intention for the next cycle would be and use this time to make the physical and mental space for it.

If your goal would be to ‘keep on top of the laundry basket’, maybe use this time to purge your wardrobe and donate any clothes you don’t wear. It’ll be much more manageable with fewer things. 

13th January: New Moon in Capricorn

And we start the cycle again. 


All of the above requires a cleansed and safe space. No, I don’t just mean cracking open the Zoflora (although that totally counts) as there is a difference between clean and cleansed.

When you’re entering the path, it’s all about how you work with energy so surely the energies around you need to be balanced. 

Cleansing your space (and your tools) essentially gives you a blank yet charged slate. You can remove negativity, heavy energies, discourage spirits and more by simply cleansing. 

Simple ways to cleanse:

  • burn dried garden or blue sage (basically any variety that grows locally to you, not white sage)
  • Burn dried rosemary 
  • Burn incense – sandalwood is my favourite 
  • Create a cleansing spray (shall share a recipe another day) 
  • Make your zoflora concoction with moon water

Aaand *breathes*

This post was meant to be short but it really wasn’t! It may seem like a lot, but a lot of it is very simple, it just requires dedication. And remember, we are all still learning, regardless of how long we have been practicing. Buy some books (or use google, witchipedia is excellent and free) and start researching. 

If you’d like more tips on how to get started with witchcraft, you can follow me at @NorthLondonWitch on TikTok and Instagram. 

Image creative comms:

 “Smudging” by Cornelia Kopp is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

 “Moon Phase Collage” by StephenGA is marked with CC0 1.0

“creativecommons | incense burner” by *AndrewYoungPhoto* (writing_with_glass) is licensed under CC BY 2.0