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About Witchy Type Book Club

How doesn’t love a good read, huh? Well, we sure do and so wanted to invite you all in to join us as we explore new Witchy titles and share our favourites in our #WitchyType book reviews as well as our digital book club. We will be holding regular #WitchyType book clubs on zoom for selected titles where we can all discuss and share ideas. 

Want to take part? 

Just fill in the form at the link below and we will email you details and we will be in touch to share the meeting dates and links.  

Witch Type Contact Form

We will of course be sharing all dates via our digital coven social channel but this is the best way to stay most up to date. 

For info on the book depository please visit: https://digital-coven.com/witchy-type-book-club-and-depository/

Book Reviews List:

Tarot and Cartomancy Review List: 

Want to submit a book for review? Simply email us the details to digitalcovenuk@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

We are PR Friendly and check out our press page and about us pages for other ways to work with us.

We’re super excited to share this with you and make sure to let us know your thoughts and ideas below in the comments or you can always reach out via our social channels:



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