#SpookySeason: I BOOooo! Getting Hitched at a Haunted House? We’re in.

Say I Boooo at these top Haunted Wedding Venues – just remember to invite us!

If you’re anything like us here at Digital Coven then you will never, ever turn down the opportunity to let your spooky side out! So when we saw this recent survey by Hitched looking into the surge of popularity when it comes to Halloween wedddings, we weren’t suprised at all!

Even better, more people getting married are open to having it at a haunted house. Now, we’re delighted by this news as we’ve always loved haunted houses (and have even done an cleansing or two in our times, but those are blog posts for another day)

Survey insights:

  • More Brits (13%) are planning on getting married during the Halloween weekend in 2022 than they did in 2021, with more than 2,078 weddings planned around October 31st (Why weren’t we invited to these weddings, huh?)
  • Almost a quarter (24%) of those polled say they would get married in a haunted house or castle, with another 1-in-10 saying that it would “depend”
  • More than a third (36%) say that they would not avoid getting married on Halloween, with another third (34%) saying knowing a venue was haunted would not put them off
  • Brits are searching online for ‘haunted castles’ around 1,000 times across the UK every month on average
Credit: Hitched.co.uk

Top 8 Haunted Wedding Venues in the UK

  1. Warwick Castle – Warwickshire – 110,000 Google searches per month

Who wouldn’t want to get married in one of the most famous castles in British history? But be warned; iconic Warwick Castle has more than a few skeletons in its closet. One of its many supernatural lodgers include Sir Fulke Greville, a tower resident allegedly murdered by his manservant, Eeeek!

Sir Fulke Greville Image credit

  1. Alnwick Castle – Northumberland – 49,500 Google searches per month

Alnwick Castle is a memorable wedding venue as it was also a set location for Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Nice! The castle is also rumoured to play host to a hunchback vampire who stalks the grounds and spreads disease in its wake – remember to bring a mask!

  1. Wollaton Hall – Nottinghamshire – 46,819 Instagram tags

The incredible Grade I listed Elizabethan Wollaton Hall is a regular haunt for ghost hunters, eager to hear the murmuring voices in the corridors and catch a glimpse of the White Lady in Room 19.

  1. Blickling Hall – Norfolk – 18,100 Google searches per month

This National Trust wedding venue stands on the site of a mediaeval manor rumoured to be the birthplace of the famous Anne Boleyn. No if you know one thing about Emma ta digital coven, it’sthe fact that she is a Anne Boleyn superfan! Hopefully you have better luck in your marriage than she did! Best to visit on 19th May, the anniversary of her execution and reportedly the best time to spot her headless ghost.

Anne Boleyn Image Credit

  1. Pendennis Castle – Cornwall – 10,369 Instagram tags

Green fields, sea views and a historical venue part of the English Heritage group make Pendennis Castle a gorgeous wedding venue. It’s also home to some fabulous creepy activity via a host of ghostly sounds including children’s laughter, footsteps on the staircase, and the terrifying screams of former kitchen maid ‘Maud’.

  1. Amberley Castle – West Sussex – 9,900 Google searches per month

Thrill-seeking couples should definitely consider saying their vows in the Grade I listed 12th century Amberley Castle. It boasts twelve acres of landscaped gardens, mediaeval stonework, and enough space for up to 250 guests; 251 if you include resident ghost Emily, a young girl said to be hanging around the Herstmonceux Room. 

  1. Lumley Castle – Durham – 9,900 Google searches per month

Believed to be the most haunted place in County Durham, this 14th century manor house is a seriously scary venue. The ghost of Lady Lily Lumley is a likely uninvited guest, along with the mischievous phantom Black Jack, who enjoys playing pranks on guests.There are even themed escape rooms that you can book and play on site. Lumley Castle itself is beautiful, so if you want a scenic wedding, go ahead and book it… if you dare.

Image Credit
  1. Farnham Castle – Surrey – 7,963 Instagram tags

This picturesque wedding venue has more than one supernatural guest. Farnham Castle is said to be home to a spooky monk, phantom-like voices and ghostly children running across the upper balcony. If you’re lucky (or unlucky), you might even catch a glimpse of the shadowed figure which haunts the guardroom, and the young girl who lives on the staircase. I don’t about you but we’re booking our tickets already!

For the full list of the 13 most popular haunted wedding venues, Hitched has a full list over on their webiste : https://www.hitched.co.uk/wedding-planning/organising-and-planning/haunted-wedding-venues/  Just make sure to invite us if you do plan a sppoky wedding!

Would you have a wedding at a hunted house or have you? If so let us know below as we’d love to hear all of the tea on how it went…I mean, talk about ghoul, I mean, cool!



Until Next time!



Featured image from hitched

Witchy Type Book Club *Competition* The Strange Inheritence of Leah Fern

Hello Coven,

To celebrate the launch of The Strange Inheritence of Leah Fern by Rita Zoey Chin we are hosting a competition over on our Instagram

The Competition Details are as follows:


To enter:

  • Winner will be announced on Halloween! (UK entrants only – sorry!)

We will also be publishing our review of the book and hosting our #WitchyType book club in two weeks to discuss all things Leah Fern. Can’t wait to chat about it with you all ❤



Until next time, Stay dazzling!

Love, Ems

#Witchtype Book Review: Our Crooked Hearts By Melissa Albert 

#WitchyType book club reviews ‘Our Crooked Hearts’ by Melissa Albert.

#witchytype book club is our fabulous digital book club where we read books and share our thought via these reviews and on our digital channels. 

Check out our book list here for the upcoming books that we will be reviewing: https://digital-coven.com/witchytype-book-club/

Including the upcoming witchcraft, Tarot and spiritual books that we are going to be reviewing as well as books and goodies that you can win in competitions. We also have the Digital Coven book depository with Witchcraft, Tarot and spiritual books available to borrow or lend out. If you want to donate or borrow a book from our book depository, you can find out what books are available in our sharing network here: https://digital-coven.com/witchy-type-book-club-and-depository/

Our Crooked Hearts Back Cover UK

About The Book: 

This week we have a fabulous book by Melissa Albert to review, Our Crooked Hearts. A young adult fiction novel spanning decades. 

This was #gifted to us for review but all of our views are honest so rest assured we’d never recommend anything we don’t like. Our Review and Affiliate link disclosure are located here.

Reviewed By: Emma aka Bunnypudding 

Amazon Link: Our Crooked Hearts 

Author Page: Melissa Albert

The Synopsis:

Secrets. Lies. Witchcraft… This is OUR CROOKED HEARTS, a gripping mystery crossed with a pitch-dark tale of modern-day witchcraft, perfect for YA and adult readers.

A dark, compelling and magical suburban fantasy, Melissa Albert takes two women from one family line and seamlessly interweaves a tale of past and present, familiarity and uncanny, light and darkness. It’s a story of mothers and their daughters and of difficult relationships, a story of impossible choices and of secrets held close in the dark; of manipulation for good, bad and for worse… 

About The Author:

Melissa Albert is the New York Times and indie bestselling author of the Hazel Wood series (The Hazel Wood, The Night Country, Tales from the Hinterland) and a former bookseller and YA lit blogger. Her work has been translated into more than twenty languages and included in the New York Times list of Notable Children’s Books. She lives in Brooklyn with her family.

Melissa Albert Author
Melissa Albert

What others say: 

‘EVERY LINE READS LIKE AN INCANTATION, and the result is a book pulsing with magic, one that holds the reader firmly under its spell.’ – V.E. Schwab, bestselling author of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

‘A RIVETING STORY THAT GRIPS YOU LIKE A SPELL until you’re too deep to emerge unscathed! Once again, Melissa Albert reveals the power of magic within a daughter’s grasp and the love of imperfect mothers.” Angeline Boulley, author of Firekeeper’s Daughter

EERIE, EVOCATIVE, AND ELECTRIFYINGLY BRILLIANT. I was immediately gripped from the very first page and completely compelled throughout. I already can’t wait to reread it. Melissa Albert’s writing is magic made real.Katherine Webber, author of The Revelry

Digital Coven #Witchytype review: 

I usually don’t take to young adult novels but the book was gifted to me by a PR and the story looked interesting so I agreed to give it a read. I wasn’t disappointed, as a teenager, I would’ve gobbled this up in an evening. It had an interesting storyline with actual surprises and wasn’t full of cliques and was very well written. The imagery is fabulous and the characters are interesting enough that you wish to find out what the actual truth is. The author creates a very spooky atmosphere and I’d certainly read another book by this author and I say that as someone who prefers darker more adult stories. Highly recommended for a YA fiction book. 


3.8 cats out of 5 cats 

What about you, have you read the book or plan to? If so let us know below in the comments or via our social channels. 

Until Next time, Coven!  

Emma (Bunny Pudding) 

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#WitchyType Book Review: Wicca Herbal Magic by Lisa Chamberlain

The #WitchyType Book club reviews Wicca Herbal Magic by Lisa Chamberlain.

Hello there Coven! 

We’ve recently launched the #witchytype book club which is where we read books and share our thoughts on themas well as opening the floor via our digital channels (And upcoming book clubs) to hear your thoughts too.

Check out our book list here: https://digital-coven.com/witchytype-book-club/

Including the upcoming witchcraft, Tarot and spiritual books that we are going to be reviewing as well as books and goodies that you can win in competitions. We also have the Digital Coven book depository with Witchcraft, Tarot and spiritual books available to borrow or lend out. If you want to donate or borrow a book from our book depository, you can find out what books are available in our sharing network here: 

This was gifted to us for review but all of our views are honest so rest assured we’d never recommend anything we don’t like. Our Review and Affiliate link disclosure are located here

About The Book:

Today we are reviewing  Wicca Herbal Magic A Beginner’s Guide to Herbal Spellcraft  By Lisa Chamberlain. 

Myself and  AJ don’t practice Wicca so this review is based on a novice reading the book – if you’ve read the book we’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Reviewed By: Emma aka Bunnypudding 

Hardback: https://amzn.to/3w7IJKg

Paperback: https://amzn.to/3w4LGvd

So let’s dive in. 

The Synopsis: 

Since the beginning of human history, healers and shamans have understood the nutritional, medicinal, and magical properties of herbs. Whether you’re well versed in magic but are just discovering herbs, or are new to  Wicca altogether, this handy guide by popular author Lisa Chamberlain covers all the basics, from creating your own magical garden to the gathering, harvesting, drying, and storing the herbs. She centres the spells around 13  herbs, most easy to find and inexpensive: basil, bay laurel, chamomile, cinnamon, dandelion, elecampane,  hibiscus, lavender, mugwort, nutmeg, rosemary, sage, and thyme. Because they’re primarily culinary and/or medicinal herbs too, you’ll have plenty of options for using the leftovers from your spellwork. The spells include magical teas, baths, and oils to smudging (more on that below), blessing, and healing rituals. 

Books Construction: 

The book is full of beautiful illustrations and the quality of the book was fantastic. I  love a good hardback with quality paper, what can I say, I am one of those people! It’s also a nice A5 size so good to carry around with you when you are out and about. 

Pages: Hardcover: 130 

#Witchytype Book Review: 

The Positives:

I was worried at first that the book would be very heavy on Wiccan practices but pleasantly surprised that whilst it did discuss wiccan elements, it was also a very informative book about using herbs in general.  

It focuses on 13 main herbs which is a great place to build upon your knowledge if you are just getting started and is also a great refresher book if you are experienced but need some herb magick inspirations. 

I loved how she went into the various ways that you can perform herb magick such as in cooking and in teas – I’ve even got inspired to revisit my tea-making practices by bringing in new blends.

The Negatives: 

As mentioned above, this book is great to use if you are wishing to learn about herbs and it doesn’t go too in-depth into the Wiccan side of practising but if you have strong issues with Wicca, and I am aware some do, then this may not be the best book for you. Otherwise, it’s a great little book to help you really get comfortable working with herbs. 

My one and only personal gripe with the book is the use of the word ‘Smudge’ and ‘Smudging Stick’ when discussing smoke cleansing. I know many people use this word but I personally prefer to refer to any form of herbal or natural wood burning cleansing as ‘Smoke Cleansing’ rather than Smudging, as that is a practice performed within a closed practice of some Indigenous peoples of the Americas. They use Sacred white Sage and hold a unique ceremony for the practice of ‘Smudging’ – so it is wrong to use it as a blanket term for smoke cleansing in general as they are two completely different ceremonies and we need to respect them both and appreciate when something is closed and sacred and when something is open for us to explore as a practice. Hopefully, later editions will tweak this wording. 

Overall? I highly recommend it and will read other works by Lisa Chamberlain. For those practising Wicca or seeking to start the path of practising Wicca then this is certainly a good investment for you but it’s also got lots of useful information for those wishing to learn general information on Herbs and their magickal uses. 

Cat Rating (yes, you read that right) 

3 out of 5 Cats

You can get the Book over at Amazon here which is also where I sourced my images from this post from. 

Have you read this book, what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear your feedback on the comments or on social, just make sure to use the #witchytype when discussing on social media. 

More books to come over the next few weeks but as mentioned above, if you have a recommendation, please let me know! 

As mentioned on my social channels: 




Until next time Coven, 

Why is 8th August the luckiest day of the year? – What is The Lions Gate Portal

It’s the 8/8 which means it’s the Lions Gate Portal! Here is how to use it to super charge your manifestations.

Top Level: 

  • Key Date: 8th August 2022 is considered the Peak of The Lions Gate Portal.
  • Magick: Is a great time to manifest your goals dreams – if using the moon is the moon phase will be Waxing Gibbous in the sign of Sagittarius. (Also see spells below)
  • Ends:12th August ends. 

What is The Lions Gate Portal? 

Put simply, The Lions Gate Portal is considered one of the strongest magickal periods of the annual astrological calendar. It celebrates the alignment of Earth, The Sun in Leo, Sirius (The dog star, the brightest star in the sky and not the Harry Potter Character but he does have the star as his namesake) and the constellation Orions belt. This alignment happens every year and at the same time, from 28th July to 12th August. 

The activation happens on the 8th of August and is believed to be when the period is at its peak for manifesting and spell work. Yey!

*Featured top image credit: Hubble Peers into the Mouth of Leo A by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Image: star collage (leo)
by bitmask

Why is The Lions Gate portal important to witches and spiritual practitioners? 

We can use this energy to empower our manifesttaions and spell work. 8th August can often be refered to as the luckiest day of year, so it’s a perfect time to try your luck by going large with your manifestations. Dream house? Go for it. Perfect job change? Make it happen. Want love? Attract that energy to you.

The key to this period is keeping that energy up and truly believe that anything is posible and making sure you’re intent and desires are clearly expressed. Don’t chase, attract, honey!


  • The Sun is the ruler of Leo, therefore when The Sun enters Leo every year to mark Leo season, this creates really positive and powerful energy which is hypercharged during the Lion’s Gate Portal period. 
  • Leo is a sign of ‘self’:  ego, of understanding yourself on the inside and how you present outwardly, self-confidence, confidence and bravery. Basically, it’s a perfect time for manifesting the dreams and desires that are associated with you and your goals.  Go big or go home is certainly an apt phrase for Leos and their approach to life and also this period energetically. Therefore, it’s a great period to manifest career or life goals. 
  • Locate where Leo is in your birth chart and what house it is in, this will guide you in where you should be focusing your attention when it comes to manifesting goals during this period.


  • 8/8 is considered a very powerful number in numerology meaning: Abundance, luck and growth. The number 8 is considered lucky and powerful in cultures throughout the world.


  • The infinity symbol  ∞ equals 8 and is considered the symbol for manifestation. As above, so below.

How can I use it for my magick? 

Some start from the 28th July and build up (like me!) but the peak period is considered to be the 8th of August (8/8) to use this energy in spell work is very simple, so for those just starting out below is a simply but effective way to manifest your desires. 

Perfect for beginners: 

The Everyday Extra Empowerment: 

  • Meditating in the Sun – and visualising what you desire in detail is fabulous way to use that strong the Sun in Leo energy.
  • Journaling – every morning with prompts to help progress you towards your goal. 
  • Affirmations – choose 8 affirmations that present what you wish to achieve over the next year and say them to your self in the mirror. I recommend doing an affirmation in mirror every morning anyway.
Meditation time
by _Hadock_

Simple Manifestaion practice on the day: 

  • The Diary Method: 

What you will need: 

  • Pen or pencil..hey, why not even use a quill, add some drama!
  • Paper (or parchment…you see where I am going here!) 


What is your dream life? No really, what is your dream life and if you were to live your dream life what would you be doing in a day of that desired existense, say, in a years time? Really visualise this and do not hold back. This is your absolute dream. Really think about it and visualise the reality of living it for a few minutes. This will help setup your vibration and help you performed the next step: 

  • Get your paper or note book and write the date as a year from now:  8th August 2023 
  • Under the date begin to  write a diary entry as if you were living your dream life on that day in a years time. Be detailed, the more detail the better.
  • Once completed, release the intention of what you have just written into the universe, speak out loud or silently to yourself that you are accepting it as done and thank the universe for sending that desire to you. 
  • Seal up the letter if not in a notebook and store somewhere safe and don’t open/read for a year. 
  • Open in a year and see how much as come true – honestly, I have done this a few times and have aways been surprised! 

If you like this method you can regularly keep up entries in your books of spells, grimore or similar. I personally keep a separate manifestation journal which keep writing in to help me maintain focus on my goals and allow me to look back at my progress. 

diary writing” by freddie boy is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Ritual for those who want a side of ‘ceremony’: 

Some of us love to use ingredients in our spell craft , or we just like a bit of drama, some of us it’s both…I certainly love to make things ceremoinial! The Lions Gate Portal is a perfect time to make to add extra ingredients to your usual manifestation methods such as candle, herb and craft magick. The below if simple but effective way to use fire (Leo’s element family) in your manifestion practices.

You will need: 

  • Bayleaf – you can get this fresh but store brought is fine, and the one we mainy use at Digital Coven (We should invest in stocks the amount we use it to be fair) 
  • A Candle (lighter or matches if you don’t have a candle to hand..all witches run out!) 
  • Fireproof bowl or Cauldron 

How to Manifest on The Lion Gate Portal: 

I personallylike to do these spells in the moon light and outside if posible. I have also lived in a flat and shared houses so rest assured, if you can do either of the things, your magick will be just as potent – this is all about your intent and belief of course…you’re the main ingredient for this spell! 

Bay Leaf, Fresh and Dried” by Clint__Budd is licensed under CC BY 2.0.
  • Get a Bay leaf and hold it close, envision the intention/dream/desire that you wish to attract
  • You have to visualise this as if it has already happened making sure to really envision how you will feel when you receive this desire and all the things that you will do with it. 
  • Write your intention onto the Bay leaf and burn in the fireprool bowl (or cauldron) . You can use any colour pen but if you have Silver or Gold marker I would recommend using this to further highlight your goals.
  • Release your intention into the universe and give thanks to universe for it abundance. Then, wait and trust the process (it works quicker than you think!) 

For more info on using Bayleaf, check out my post on why Baeleaf is Bae and if you’re planning on doing moonwork for these spells then, AJ goes in-depth on her Witchcraft for beginners post here

  • For those working with the moon specifically,  the moon phase will be Waxing Gibbous in the sign of Sagittarius
Waxing moon, North Window
by ArchesNPS

So Coven, hopefully we’ve got you all excited about the Lions Gate Portal? If so,will you be using the Lions Gate Portal to manifest your dreams and goals this year? Let us know below or on our social channels. 

Happy practising, darlings…may your dreams come to pass ❤ 

Love, Emma 


Witchcraft at work Interview with Joseph, creator of Money, Mindset & Strategy.

We interview Joseph, from coaching business called Money, Mindset & Strategy. We discuss coaching and empowering people to step into their power with money.

Bunnypudding (Emma) here, sorry we’ve been quiet for a few weeks, Coven. We’ve been doing huge life changes which has certainly kept us busy but we have loads of fabuous content coming up. Including work with the fabulous Joseph from MMS Strategy who we are interviewing in today’s Witchcraft at Work.

Take it away, Joseph!

First, tell us about yourself!

I’m Joseph, I live in Ibiza and run a coaching business called Money, Mindset & Strategy. I specialise in coaching and empowering my clients to step into their power with money, build wealth and get comfortable charging a lot more for their services. 

I host a podcast and run an online academy called MMS Academy. 

I love coaching on money because it affects almost every area of out lives and I believe it’s a reflection of our relationship with ourselves.

What is witchcraft to you?

I think it’s personal to everyone which is what makes it so beautiful and powerful. To me, witchcraft is using your own natural power, inner wisdom and intuition to create changes in your life that are meaningful for you. 

It gives you different things depending on what you need at that time in your life. Whether you are using your intuition to plan some next steps or tapping in to your personal power to manifest your goals or simply feeling calmer and more grounded, it’s all witchcraft. 

How do you use witchcraft in your day to day life?

It varies depending on what I need or am working on but I like to make sure I am always covering the basics of energetic cleansing, protection and gratitude. For me, those form the foundation of a strong spiritual or magical practice. 

I am also a huge fan of maintenance magick, rather than waiting for a problem before doing a spell, I think it;s really important to protect and appreciate the things in your life that are going really well. 

And professional life?

If I have a goal or intention I am working on, I will usually do a vision board around it and some candle spells. I have tried many forms of spell work and always see the most results from candle magick.

I also feel it;s really important to regularly study and learn so I make time every day for either reading or listening to material relating to magick or something I’m working on. 

I host a weekly mindset and coaching call as part of the Academy I run and before each class I set an intention and do a quick meditation to deliver messages that are helpful and empowering to everyone listening. I’ve done that with all of my work for years whether it;s writing a book, delivering a workshop or coaching a client in a 1 2 1 session, I always use the power of intention. 

How have you used witchcraft to support in shaping your career?

When I first started my coaching business, I created vision boards and did weekly candle spells to help manifest my goals. 

I also try and meditate most days and tune into my inner wisdom, I think this is a really under rated part of manifesting your goals. Its not just about setting the intention, it’s about understanding that you are the magick and that your actions are a beautiful and important part of the manifestation process. 

I tauge a course about magick a few years ago and something that kept coming to me during the writing of it was “magick works through you not just for you” so it’s important to always remember that the power is within you already, never outside of yourself. 

Does your work know about your practice?

I’m very open about my beliefs on my podcast and in my workshops, I also have quite a few magical looking tattoos on my arms so it’s definitely not a secret! .

Where can people find you?

You can check out my website and blog 

MMS Academy page

My podcast is called Money, Mindset & Strategy and is available across all platforms

I upload weekly coaching videos to my new YouTube channel 

You can check out the kindle collection on Amazon 

You can sign up for a free money mindset class and join my newsletter here 

If you’d like to know more about working together, you can email us on support@moneymindsetandstrategy.com to arrange a free consultation about your goals. 

Fabulous, Thanks Joseph!

And remember Coven, we love to hear about how you bring Witchcraft into your Work over on our social channels and the comments as well.

Witchytype Book Club: Ask The Authors Claire Askew & Alice Tarbuck

To celebrate the launch of ‘The Modern Craft’ Edited by Claire Askew & Alice Tarbuck and our fabulous giveaway*

The Digital Coven ‘Witchy Type Book Club’ are super excited to announce that we will be interviewing the fabulous Editors Claire Askew & Alice Tarbuck. Of course, as a coven we want to offer you the chance to ask them your question too.

If you have a question, you can let us know below in the comment, via email: digitalcovenuk@gmail.com or just fill in this form here and add your question: https://forms.gle/DhxhwRvhA3bp2QSL7

We will be sending over our questions on the 30th June 2022, so make sure to send us your questions before then.

About ‘The Modern Craft’:

Offering inspiring glimpses from the brink of the contemporary Craft, these essays show how anyone, no matter who they are, can find positivity and the force for change in the subversive unknown.

Dr Claire Askew is the author of three novels: All The Hidden Truths, What You Pay For and Cover Your Tracks. A fourth, A Matter of Time, is out this year. Also a poet, Claire’s second
collection How to burn a woman features voices from the European Witchcraft Hysteria. Claire’s accolades include the Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize, a Jessie Kesson Fellowship and the McIlvanney
Debut Prize.

Dr Alice Tarbuck is a writer, author of A Spell In The Wild and academic specializing in witchcraft and environmental humanities. She has been featured in Nasty Women and The Dangerous Women
, and she has spoken on witchcraft at Scottish PEN, Freedom TV and the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre.

With courage, conviction, and a
fierce love and respect for the
craft, this fiery collection is poised
to spark vital conversations and
radical change in the world of
witchcraft and beyond.

Kristen J. Sollée, author of Witches, Sluts, Feminists and
Witch Hunt

Looking forward to seeing yoru questions, and make sure to continue the conversation over on our social channels.



Until next time, Stay dazzling!


Win – A copy of ‘The Modern Craft’ & other goodies!

Ahhhhhh we are sooooo excited to share this with you, Coven!

The Celebrate the release of the launch of ‘The Modern Craft’ Edited by Claire Askew & Alice Tarbuck we have partnered with Watkins Publishing to offer 3 lucky Digital Coven followers one of their ‘The Modern Craft’ Book Lunch Bundles.

How To Enter:

The bundles include a copy of the book which is released 14th June 2022. To enter please leave your details below (Don’t worry we won’t use them for anything else) to enter the prize draw. To get a futher entry please visit our instagram to take part in our Instagram giveaway.

Entry Form: https://forms.gle/XwkZNFvFGzNFzHED8

Two books are on offer in a prize draw so Just fill out this form to enter. You can get a second entry into the competition by following digital coven over on Instgram and commenting on this post what The Modern Craft means to you.

Closing Date for Entries is 30th June 2022

About ‘The Modern Craft’

Edited Claire Askew & Alice Tarbuck

Launch: 14TH JUNE 2022
Price: £12.99 / $16.95

Amazon Link (Digital Coven Affiliate) https://amzn.to/3HrrqJC

Amazon Non Affiliate: Amazon

An eclectic and radical collection of essays on witchcraft practice and the ethics of magic, The Modern Craft gives that much-needed modern context to timeless wisdom. It offers a fascinating snapshot of Powerful voices on witchcraft ethics and contemporary occult practice viewed through an intersectional lens.

Touching on a number of timely conversations, essay topics include:

  • the ethics of decolonization
  • meditations on what it means to honour
  • Mother Earth during the Anthropocene
  • the reclamation of agency for workingclass & queer witches through spellwork
  • a gender-fluid perspective on breaking
  • down hierarchies in magical symbolism
  • a day in the life of a disabled Pagan
  • Irish practitioner

The book features contributions from Claire Askew, Lisa Marie, Basile, Stella Hervey Birrell, Jane Claire Bradley, Madelyn Burnhope, Lilith Dorsey, AW Earl, Harry Josephine Giles, Simone Kotva, Iona Lee,
Briana Pegado, Megan Rudden, Sabrina Scott, Em Still and Alice Tarbuck.

Offering inspiring glimpses from the brink of the contemporary Craft, these essays show how anyone, no matter who they are, can find positivity and the force for change in the subversive unknown.

With courage, conviction, and a
fierce love and respect for the
craft, this fiery collection is poised
to spark vital conversations and
radical change in the world of
witchcraft and beyond.

Kristen J. Sollée, author of Witches, Sluts, Feminists and
Witch Hunt

We’ve also got a few more oher suprises for this launch, so what this space Coven!

If you wish to be featured in our #WitchyType Book Club email list please use our sign up form here

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Witches At Work: Interview With Olivia aka Ostara

This weeks #WitchesAtWork interview is the Olivia, the owner of Ostara.

We are super excited to speak to one of our favourite social media and #WitchesAtWork to follow, The Fabulous Oliva AKA Ostara. Soooo many questions and we highly recommend you spend a few moments deep diving into her fantastic tiktok viral (and national media coverage earning) introduction to whimsigothic videos and, saving the best for last…the beautiful products on the newly launched Ostara Shoppe site. Ahhh so fabulous! Anyway, let’s jump in….

First, tell us about yourself!

My name’s Olivia, and I own Ostara, which stocks magickal wares for your hearth and home. I’m a Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon and Virgo Rising, so an earthy homeware shop is perfect for me! I believe your home should be a solace, a special space in place and time where once you step over the threshold, you can be at peace. Creating a safe, comforting environment is an art, and I want to help my customers achieve this through carefully selected heirloom pieces.

And now what you do and your career journey up until now

I’m from the North, and moved all around the country from the age of 21 working in Film and TV. I then settled in London, where I continued to art direct and design sets for high end shows, films, and commercials. During the pandemic, my husband and I decided to pursue a slower life by the sea, and moved to Kent to renovate an old Edwardian house. I then decided this was the perfect time and place to leave the film industry and follow my dreams to open Ostara! Seeing so much waste and consumption in the film industry left a bitter taste in my mouth. I wanted to slowly, carefully, handpick items for my shop, choosing heirlooms for peoples homes that have a deeper meaning and symbology to each piece.

Items From the ostarashoppe.com

What is witchcraft to you?

Witchcraft to me is simply stepping into your power as a human being. Trying to see and feel the beauty and miracle of nature, trying to live a deeply embodied life. Connecting with ancestors is very important to me, and understanding where you came from, and the environment around your ancestors – what shaped your blood line. Learning folklore, mythology and traditional stories can help you have a deeper understanding of human nature and I love learning from them.

I also deeply believe in being of service to whatever greater good you believe in. I’m a triple earth sign – so I passionately care about Mother Nature! My shop Ostara is part of that – I don’t want to contribute to the fast fashion, over consuming nature of interior decor trends. I want to save items from landfill, from going to scrap, and to breathe new life into them, so they can live a new life in someone’s home. Filling your life with knowledge and reverence doesn’t have to stay contained within your practice – it can be displayed in your home too.

How do you use witchcraft in your day to day life?

I suppose it has to do with my idea of being of service again. I am a total gardening geek, and I garden as an act of service to Danu, Gaia, Mother Nature. I plant food to honour my ancestors, and learn herb lore to keep the knowledge alive. I use tarot, the Wild Wood deck, and am constantly trying to learn as much as I can about astrology – there’s just so much to learn!

Image From Instagram: @ostara_shoppe

And professional life?

I only do ‘spells’ very very occasionally, and it’s usually a more direct, ritualistic way of connecting with my ancestors to receive wisdom and advice. These very occasional rituals are usually asking advice to do with my career, as this is the only area of major life choices where I struggle with decisions in my life! When it came to leaving the film industry (which was incredibly stressful and damaging to my health) I believe I was being shown signs to leave for a long time. When I directly asked, I got the answer I was waiting for – it just didn’t come in the way I was thinking! But I was still very grateful for the nudge in the right direction.

How have you used witchcraft to support in shaping your career?

When leaving Film, I had an idea of what I might like to move into, but just didn’t feel the confidence. Leaving a career of 10 years is hard! I knew what I loved doing, I knew I had a passion for interiors, but I didn’t know how to tie it all together. Using tarot was brilliant in shaping my decision to open a store.

Image feed of Instagram: @ostara_shoppe

Does your work know about your practice?

I think now they do! I want my store to be different in that it offers homeware or furniture that come with a deeper meaning behind each piece – whether that’s the traditional symbolism behind the wood that’s used to make the piece, or another bit of folklore attached to it. That’s why I spend so much of my time researching not only antiques and vintage homewares but mythology and folklore. I want my customers to know that they’re buying from not only a reputable source of ethically gathered antiques, but a genuine lover of magick and folklore.

How do colleagues/clients respond?

I’ve been overwhelmed with the response from my customers – I’ve had orders from all over  the UK, Europe and America! I hope that people enjoy the unique blend of quality vintage and magickal flare to each piece that I source.

There are a few exciting bits and pieces brewing for the future – one of which is establishing a bricks and mortar shop for Ostara to dwell in. I can’t wait to be able to let people see, touch and hold their items before they buy. And who doesn’t love a good witchy shop?

Instagram feed : @ostara_shoppe

Where can people find you?

The store is found at www.ostarashoppe.com 

I’m on instagram as @ostara_shoppe 

And on Tik Tok as @Ostara_Shoppe

Ah thank you so much Olivia!

Let’s us know any qustions that you may have for Olivia in the comment below or via our channels, as we do love chatting with you!

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Event: 3 Wishes Fairy Festival

Exciting news from Karen Kay, aka The Fairy Lady & founder of the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival


Exciting news from Karen Kay, aka The Fairy Lady & founder of the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival

We couldn’t be more excited here at Digital Coven as we love a good festival! The 3 Wishes Fairy Festival, dubbed the UK’s most magical event, returns to Cornwall in June after a two year pandemic absence. 

The family and pet friendly event takes place from Friday June 17 to Sunday June 19 at Mount Edgcumbe country estate, near Torpoint and will feature 100s of workshops, talks and performances, a big top circus and music among its attractions (all included in the ticket price). 

Alongside the entertainment many festival-goers will be embracing their inner ‘fairies’ or ‘elves’ creating a fun and colourful experience for everyone. Ahhhhh, we are so there, Bunnybunny (Emma) has always been partial to dressing like a fairy!

Woman dressed as a fairy
Emma still has the outfit and is willing to get it out with little notice

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to bring the festival back to Celtic Cornwall, the home of fairies, for the first time since 2019. This year, we’ve got music, activities, great vegan food, workshops, circus shows, special guests, meet and greets, and so much more. We even have a magical mermaid grotto with ‘real’ mermaids. There will be more magic than you can shake a fairy wand at,” Karen Kay said

Visitors to previous festivals have described the experience as ‘like stepping into a real-life fairy land’, and this year’s event promises to be even more magical with fantasy creatures such as gnomes, mermaids, elves, pixies and fairies wandering the site and fairy tea parties celebrating the festival’s 16th birthday. You has us at gnomes to be honest but ended strong on fairy tea pary, we can’t lie.

The festival was founded by the former BBC journalist in 2007. Karen, who lives near Truro, is a fairy author and is known as The Fairy Lady. She was guided to create a Midsummer gathering by the fairies she has been communicating with since she was a child. 

‘The Fairy Lady’ Karen Kay who is founder of The 3 Wishes Fairy Festival

She said: “I first saw fairies when I was a little girl, around the age of five or six. I would help my grandmother as she pruned the roses in her garden, and I would gather up the rose petals to make perfume for the flower fairies! I’d leave the concoction (rose water) out overnight for my fairy friends, and when I’d check in the morning, the perfume would be gone! 

“My fairy friends appear as tiny vibrant lights and have stayed with me since childhood and into my adult life, and I can honestly say, there’s never a dull moment when the fairies come out to play!

For three days and nights, the grounds of Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park on the outskirts of Torpoint will be transformed. Day tickets for the festival are available, yet for those wishing to stay, the event accommodates tents, caravans and campervans and there’s also a glamping option to rent bell tents, ‘shire’ homes and traditional caravans. A camping area is also available for disabled festival-goers which does need to be booked in advance. 

Picture by Danniella-Jaine who specialises in ‘fairy’ photography – https://www.danniellajaine.com

The 3 Wishes Fairy Festival is the first UK fairy festival to be totally vegan, with all food on-site provided by vegan caterers, with gluten-free options available. 

Ticket prices have been held at early bird prices until the end of April with a three-day ticket at £100, day tickets £40 for adults and £20 for children with free admittance for children under the age of seven. For more information visit www.fairyfestival.co.uk

Will you getting a ticket? If so let us know below or via our digital channels, as we want to know and we really, really want to see your outfits!



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