Why Bayleaf is Bae – The Magickal properties of Bayleaf 

Bayleaf is one of the ultimate Magickal herbs, find out why!

My mother was obsessed with Bay leaf – it was put into everything she made when and it was quite common for me as a child to accidentally eat it whenever I ate her cooking. This didn’t put me off, although I certainly don’t recommend eating it! This early introduction created a strong bond between me and bay leaf and it’s one of the most common herbs that I use when it comes to magick and Kitchen Witchery. Below are some really useful insights into how you can use Bay leaf in your Witchcraft and spell work.

Wet aand Dry Bay leaf
Wet and dry Bay leaf

Bayleaf magickal properties: 

Bayleaf is one of those core magickal herbs that has so many uses and works well when used with other ingredients but it can also be extremely powerful when just used on it own. It would certainly be top of the list in my Baby Witch beginner stock cupboard recommendations. Some of it’s key attributes are: 

  • Victory and success – Bayleaf laurel was used in victory crowns and also by deities such as Apollo 
  • Love 
  • Wealth and Abundance 
  • Protection 
  • Creativity 
  • Psychic abilities  
  • Wishing and manifestation 
  • Good health and healing 

When doing deeper spell work here is some key info on Bay leafs other associations: 

Zodiac: Bay laurel is governed by the planet Sun and under the dominion of the sign Leo

Deities: Apollo, Daphne, Gaia and Peneus (Greek) 

Planet: Sun 

M/F: Whilst I don’t really follow this in my craft (Queer Witch right here, honey!) traditionally it’s associated with the divine Male.

Bayleaf in Kitchen Witchery 

As previously mentioned on this blog, Kitchen Witchcraft is one of the simplest ways to bring the craft into your everyday life. I mean, we all have to eat right? So making sure that you add your herbs with intent when you are making your daily meals can be incredibly powerful, as you are literally taking the magic within you. Nice!

Bay leaf in a stock
Bay leaf in a stock

Quick Kitchen Witch Spells: 

Want to Cleanse yourself-  Boiling anything such as veg or pasta? Add salt and Bay leaf to the water with intent and stir anti-clockwise to banish negative energies and stir clockwise to bring positive energies towards yourself. It’s that simple!

Sauces, stocks and gravies – I don’t know about you but I add a lot of herbs to my cooking so when I am making anything sauce-based I like to make sure that I include some herbs with magickal intent to help me with whatever spell or thing I am manifesting. I always make sure to add an intent for each Bayleaf that I add. Making sure to stir and visualise what I am working towards. 

Bay leaf in Mulled wine
Bay leaf in Mulled wine

Mulled Wine and Cider – A lovely way to get some extra magick into your life with an added boozy kick. I like to add Bay leaf to any mulled wine or hot toddies that I make and the smell is devine! 

Quick Spells to use Bayleaf: 

Cleansing your space: Add Bay leaf to your mix of cleansing herbs depending on your practice. Personally, like to use Bay leaf, Lavender and Rosemary to cleanse my space as it smells lovely. Just roll them into a bunch that you can burn safely, or in a fireproof bowl and burn as a magickal Potpourri. Never leave unattended, ever. Trust me on this one 😉

Burning herbs for cleansing
Burning herbs for cleansing

Manifesting Money: 

  • Get a Bay leaf and hold it close, envision the money that you wish to attract and how soon you need it by. 
  • You have to visualise this as if it has already happened making sure to really envision how you will feel when you receive this money and all the things that you will do with it.  
  • Then write your intent and the financial amount onto the Bay leaf and burn. You can use any colour pen but if you have Silver or Gold marker I would recommend using this to further highlight your goals. 

Success: The ancient Greeks used to use Laurels and ay leaves on crowns for sports winners as they were associated with success. Bay leaves can also be great for protection, so I like to carry one around with me in my purse wherever I go.

Victors Crown
Victors Crown

Protection: Ground up alongside eggshells, Bay leaf can be used as protection dust to be sprinkled by your windows and door frames or when casting a circle. I’ve also been working on a project with Thatdressupmood where we add this dust to jewellery to give it extra protection properties. You can add salt to it for extra protection properties but make sure not to use it on the ground if you do as Salt can damage the soil. 

Simple connection cutting spell: If you wish to cut the cord with someone a great spells which you can do daily if required is to take a Bay leaf, visualise the person you wish to cut the cord with, set the intent into the leaf and then break up the leaf to signify the breaking up of the connection with this person and then burn the Bayleaf to release the energy. I personally love doing this when I am anxious as well, envisioning having that power over the negative feelings really helps me feel empowered. 

 Magickal Herbs
Magickal Herbs

Sleep time Psychic enhancement: I like to use a Bayleaf under my pillow to help with my dreams and with astral projection. I mix it with lavender and put it in a little pouch that is stored in my pillowcase. Sweet dreams, indeed! 

In conclusion:

So, have I inspired you in the powers of Bayleaf – or have you always been using it in your spellwork? Let me know below or on the digital coven social channels as we’d love to keep the conversation going! 




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