Witchy Type Book Club and Depository

Ahoy there! Here you will find all of the information that you need to know about Digital Coven’s Witchy Type Book Club and Depository. 

If you see our upcoming book list, please refer here: 

About Witchytype: 

We are both avid readers here at digital coven so Witchy Type is a project very close to our hearts as we learned the majority of our knowledge about the craft via books. In the dark days before the internet, when one was at the mercy of dial-up. They were dark times, but at least we had books. Both of us Bunnypudding (Emma) and North London Witch (AJ)  have curated extensive libraries of Witch related material throughout the years and these are available for loan to Digital Coven Followers. 

Stack of witch books

Book Depository Library List: 

To help with your practice

  • Silver Raven Wolf  – Niche: Wicca 
  • The Year of the Witch: Temperance Alden
  • Herbal Magic: Aurora Kane


General Astrology:

  • The Signs: Decode the Stars, Reframe Your Life – Carolyne Faulkner

If you wish to lend a book please contact us via social media or email digitalcovenuk@gmail.com

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