The Witchy Type Book Club Launch

Well hello there, Coven!

How art thou? I know we’ve been quiet for a ‘wee’ bit as our beloved North London Witch would say but we assure you it’s because we’ve been manifesting some fabulous projects to share with you.

Our first project, Witchy Type, is very close to our hearts as we are both avid readers and learned the majority of our knowledge about the craft via books. Both of us have curated extensive libraries of Witch related material throughout the years and these are available for loan to Digital Coven Followers over on the Witchy Type Book Depository along with our Witchy Type Book Club List.

Book witch” by mkhall is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Witchy Type Book Reviews

We will be performing regular book reviews on titles that we simply love and recommend that you read alongside newer releases. We will make sure to highlight when these books are gifted or if there are any affiliation links featured.

Will we be reviewing anything else? Of course, Tarot and Oracles decks will be featured alongside other fabulous printed witch products. If you have any recommendations, let us know!

Find out more about our Witchy Book Reviews here

Witchy Type Book Club

Well, this is a Coven after all and we don’t want to be doing this on our own as that would be rather boring! So we will be holding regular book clubs on zoom for selected titles where we can all discuss the book and share ideas. Want to take part? Just fill in this form and we will email you details we will of course be sharing all dates via our digital coven social channels.

Find out more about our WitchyType Book Club  here

Want to submit a book for review? Simply email us the details to or leave a comment below.

We’re super excited to share this with you and make sure to let us know your thoughts and ideas below in the comments or you can always reach out via our social channels:



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