About Digital Coven

Ahoy there!

I’m Emma Carney and I run the Digital Coven. A Witchy space, created by a witchy type, for witchy people to hang out and share ideas. Come, sit, stay awhile.

We’re partial to Bathroom selfies

As a digital marketing professional and a practising witch, it was inevitable that the two would meet in the the form of a digital outlet. And here we are. 

The Digital Coven is something of an online brain fart, where I store my witchy resources and musings as I undertake new lessons. I’m excited you’ve decided to tag along on the journey!

If you want to carry on the conversation come find me over on my social media: 




Or let me know in the comments below as I love to hear from you. If you are looking to have a reading, collaborate or are media get in touch at digitalcovenuk@gmail.com 

2 thoughts on “About Digital Coven

    1. Ah thanks, Darling! So happy that you dropped by. I’ve been quiet the past few Months as have been knee-deep in a few creative work projects (manifestation in action!) but I have a few posts which will be going live over the next few weeks. If you have any requests please let me know. Glad you like the site and the vibes, same back at ya! ❤ x


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