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We’re Emma and Aj both mother of cats and often described ‘Witchy types’. When not working in the exciting world of Digital Marketing, we like to mix it up magic style. Partial to the clip art app and Earl Grey.

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About Us

Digital Coven is the brainchild of Emma, BunnyPudding, long time practitioner, and previously a solitary witch.

With the increasing popularity of witchcraft, especially online, Emma spotted a lot of misinformation being spread that many beginner witches had taken as gospel. It was time to fix that.

Digital Coven is a place for people of all levels of their witchcraft journey to learn, teach, support each other and thrive. A place you can turn to find answers to your questions about your practice, have a tarot reading and connect with other like-minded souls.

Welcome, stay for a while and have a blast while you’re here. 

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