What incense should I use?

Beginner witchcraft: Which Incense should I use? 

If you like to use smoke to cleanse, enhance a ritual or even just set a vibe, when you’re just starting out it can be confusing to work out which is best for you and your purpose.

In all honesty, it really is a personal choice but some can really enhance your magic and your rituals when you choose the correct correspondences.

Image credit: Caroline Attwood via Unsplash


Peace and tranquillity 

  • Lavender

For calming vibes, especially to help with sleep and stress, lavender is your best friend. Lavender in general has a lot of magical properties from healing to sleep and really helps you step back and just *be*.

Love, self love and romance

  • Rose

Rose is actually one of my favourite incense types. It smells and feels positive and like everything is lit up (for me). I use rose for a lot of my self-love rituals, bonding with tarot decks and so much more. 

I have also previously used rose incense as part of a ritual to enchant a piece of jewellery so I can have a confidence boost throughout my day, but more on that another time. 


  • Sandalwood

Sandalwood is an old favourite and has been used in ritual practices for thousands of years from the ancient egyptians to modern day pagan and buddhist practices. 

You can use sandalwood to cleanse your space and your self and prepare your tools for rituals and spell work. Personally, I use Sandalwood for almost everything. 

Sandalwood is also used in Ayurvedic practices but as this is not my practice, it’s not something I can teach you so do look out for Ayurvedic teachers if you want to learn more about this realm.   


  • Dragons blood

Protection magic, healing magic and cleansing are three things you should master before you delve into anything more serious on your witchcraft journey and it’s because of this that Dragons Blood incense will be your best friend. 

It has long been used for protection and banishing rituals and is also great for cleansing if there’s an energy sticking around that you don’t vibe with. 

Glamour Magic

  • Rose 

Yes, yes, I know we have already mentioned rose but it is really an all rounder. PLUS, glamour magic and self-love go hand in hand so it only makes sense that we can use rose here as well.

With my glamour magic, I use rose incense to not only ‘cleanse’ my face products but also keep it burning while I get dressed and ‘put my face on’. You’ll be surprised at how much power a little bit of rose can have on your morning routine. 

As mentioned, selecting your incense is always a personal choice depending on your practice and your preferences. If you have pets, always check the incense you’re using is suitable as some kinds can be toxic so our furry friends.

What’s your favourite incense?

Author: AJ The Witch

Formerly 'North London Witch' but now I don't live in London!

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