Witch Craft on a budget

Don’t let poverty prevent your work! Witchcraft on a budget doesn’t mean budget results…

Hello Coven,

One can be easily swayed when trawling through the cesspit of shame – or ‘Instagram’ as it likes to refer to itself, that to be a Witch one needs to have a shit load of money for crystals, candles and for a Monthly manicure. You know the ones, the Black Taloned witchy hands that make one question ‘just how do they wipe their arse?’* The truth is dear reader, that you need jack shit to be a Witch and to do Witchcraft. The magic is in you. It’s really that simple. All these tools that you talk about are just that, tools to help you connect with your magic better. 

You’d never say just because someone can’t afford a paint set doesn’t mean they are not an artist or creative and of course, that old saying ‘A workman never blames their tools’ is a very apt one here. 

Now as someone who properly got practising from the age of about 12, I had very little money to work with and worse, I had very little access to the internet in those days… so anything remotely witchy was expensive! 

So here are some of my little witchy hacks to do Witchcraft without whacking the wallet too much 

White Candles

White candles can substitute for any other colour candle. Setting your intentions, and dressing them in a highly focused way (Oils, Sigils, carving, GLITTER etc) can be just as effective as getting the recommended colour. We often use colours in magic to help us tune into the energy. 

So if you are short on pounds or dollars just get a pack of white candles as they can be universally used. 

Quartz is Queen 

Like with white candles, clear quartz can be used in replacement for other types of crystals. If you can only invest in one crystal, I’d recommend this. The key point here is that crystals do vibrate and have different makeups, which is why they are so useful to work with, so if you can get the right crystal for that vibe you need to do so but if you can’t, clear quartz will help as much as they can. Thanks, Quartz! ❤ 

That being said my first was rose quartz but my heart demanded I get it so you know, so do go with your intuition as well.

Kitchen herbs are fine. 

Look, we’d all love to be able to forage for fresh herbs and spend several days gathering our spell ingredients in the meadow barefoot whilst we hum along to the sound sounds of the bees but life gets in the way for most of us. Also, in the UK a sprig of fresh basil is about 80p when I was stateside it was insanely expensive….Basically, what I am trying to say is if your parents, housemate or you have some herbs dried at home, they are A-ok to use and you shouldn’t be Witch shamed for using them. 

Useful all Kitchen spell ingredients 

  • Sea salt (Cleansing and purification) 
  • Onion chopped (Protection) 
  • Basil (Love)
  • Garlic (Protection)
  • Thyme (Money Drawing/Health) 
  • Cinnamon (Love/Protection) 
  • Allspice (Health)
  • Bay leaf (Protection) 
  • Rosemary (Love/Healing) 

Jar spells? 

Oh a pasta sauce jar will do. In fact, any jar will do.  For real, if you can seal it then you can make a spell with it. Trust me, some of my best spells have come from inside an empty jar of Ragu original or a glass soda bottle. 

Cauldron calling you? 

Before I brought my cast little iron cauldron, I used to burn my bay leaves etc in a saucepan. Works perfectly fine 😉 

Paper and pen are pros! 

My goodness, the things you can do with just a piece of paper and a pen, if you really want to go to town then throw in a white candle and you have the tools to create something really special. From developing sigils, or just writing wishes and burning them at the new moon, these two have unending power. Also, don’t worry about getting a fancy Grimore or book of shadows – most of my written work is done in a bog-standard £1 notebook…I am yet to find the Grimoire which will be lifelong collection of my work so don’t pressure yourself. 

Find your digital coven! 

Facebook is full of witchy communities that are happy to swap surplus items or help other witches out if they need something. I am the Queen of giving old books away, as I’d rather they get a second life elsewhere. DM and I will happily send through some great group links based on your location. 

So what are you witchcraft on a budget hacks? Let me know below, I love to hear about them. 

Love, Love. 

Ems x 

*Oh come, we’ve all asked it. All of us. 

**And if you do have one of those manicures, please DM as I sincerely wish to know the technique as I can hardly type with short nails as it is! No shade, only respect!

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