In The Press

As someone who works in PR and digital marketing it’s inevitable that this London Witch would manifest themselves into the press.

Below are some of the titles that I have spoken to. I am very press friendly so do pop my email over if you are in the media and seeking any commentary, insight or advice.

My professionnal email is:


I spoke to ID-Vice all about my thoughts on mass online Tarot readings and the concept of ‘Twin Flames’ *Spoiler alert* I think Twin Flames is a toxic bullshit concept. Click the link to read mine and other peoples experiences on this subject. Big thank you to the fabulous Sian Bradley for discussing this subject.


I spoke to Unilad about one of my great spiritual leaders Bridget Jones on her films 20th Anniversary. Yes, I age like a fine wine rather than a fine cheese. Some highlights on my contribution include:

Reflecting on what Bridget might be like had she been written today, Emma suggested:

Firstly, self-help books would be replaced with TED Talks and YouTubers. She’d stalk Instagram influencer accounts and judge herself against them secretly and full of guilt (while posting body positivity content on her own!).

She’d be all over green smoothies and no carbs but still get p*ssed and order pizza and feel guilty about it. I imagine her goals around marriage would have changed as well – she’d be more focused on getting a business partner or trying a side hustle but still dream of a romantic hero to save her.

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