New Moon in Libra 2022

Bang in the middle of Mercury Retrograde and just after the seasonal shift of the seasons, we have a chance for new beginnings and transitions with the New Moon in Libra.

The faintest slither of a golden moon can be seen against a jack black sky
Image by JB from Pixabay

When is the New Moon in Libra?

The New Moon in Libra is on 25th September 2022 and will reach its peak at 10:55am BST.

What is the New Moon?

The New Moon marks the start of the Lunar cycle and is sometimes also knowns as the Dark Moon as during this point the moon isn’t visible to us, but she is still there.

What does the New Moon mean in Witchcraft?

The New Moon is a new chapter, a time for new beginnings and a time for intention setting.

What are the themes of the New Moon in Libra?

Libra is ruled by Venus (the planet of love, romance and relationships) so now’s the time we can review existing relationships or even aim for a new one. This particular moon will also be directly opposite Jupiter (planet of luck, fortune, favour and blessings) so there will be a spark in the air, almost as though the power of the moon and the changes around us have been magnified. It’s going to be fit.

Being Libra, we should also look at the areas of our life that need more balance, can something be lost or gained to help you through the rest of the year in more equilibrium.

What herbs are related to this moon

Rose will be your best friend right now because not only is rose associated with the moon but it’ll also work well with Libra and its ruler, Venus.

Elderberry (which is in season right now if some grows near you) and thyme from your garden or spice rack will also go down a treat.

What can I do during the New Moon?

  1. Intention setting ceremony

    As we reach the New Moon start your intention setting, write down what you desire as though you have already achieved it. Fold the paper three times towards you to welcome these things into your life. Burn the paper in a fire-safe place to release those intentions into the universe and be ready for the next steps in your moon work.
  2. Ritual bath / Shower

    A ritual bath or shower can help cleanse the body, mind and spirit from the cycle before. Set your vibe with incense and candles of your choice (I use rose incense and pink candles for this moon) and add the following either directly to your bath or into a fabric bag and tie it to the shower head if you don’t have a bath:

    – Rose petals / Rose Essential oils to represent the Moon and Venus
    – Salt (I use Pink salt but any kind you have is perfect) to ground yourself
    – Lemon slices to cleanse and purify
    – Thyme for courage to strive for your intention and to protect you during the cycle ahead

    As you bathe, think on your intention and all you hope to achieve during the next cycle. As you wash, picture yourself washing away any hurt, pain or discomfort from the previous cycle, your past mistakes will literally go down the drain.

    Use a sieve to collect the remaining ‘bits’, thank them for their help and dispose of them.
  3. Moon tea latte

    All you need is rose tea and milk of your choice… make the tea almost like an espresso so either steep in a small amount of water from the kettle for 5 mins OR boil in a saucepan. You can add sugar or Agave / Honey to your taste. Strain the water into a glass and top with heated milk (yes, it’ll be a pink latte). Stir three times with your intention for the cycle, seal this moment by tapping the rim of you cup three times with a spoon and relax with a tasty rose latte.
  4. Shadow work

    Use this moment to reflect on the past cycle or even the year so far and find moments you need to change, adapt or improve. Here are some prompts you can use:

    – What is no longer bringing me joy?
    – How can I open myself up to new relationships?
    – Are they any relationships I can give more to?
    – Are there any relationships I give too much to?
    – In what ways have I grown over summer?
    – How can I love myself more?
    – In what ways can I start to rest more during autumn and winter?
    – What was my previous intention and how did I do?

But, even if you just wanted to sit in a comfy cocoon and have an early night, that’s OK too. All practices are different so you don’t need to do all of the above if that’s not for you.

Have a happy New Moon in Libra ❤

Working With The Moon: Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius 11/8/2022

Resident Moon Witch AJ talks about Working With The Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius

As we pass midsummer and, despite the obscene weather we’re having right now, the seasons start their transition into Autumn, we have the Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius with us, and the final Supermoon of 2022.

What is a Supermoon?

A Supermoon is when a full moon is at its closest point to the Earth during its orbit and it appears larger and brighter. The point where non moon followers add ‘wow, the moon looks big tonight’ to their Instagram Stories.

When it comes to the astrology and witchcraft side of a Supermoon, allegedly a Supermoon can enhance your emotions and can make you feel more exposed. However, moments like this always make me think of my Aunt who taught me the ways of the moon:

“The moon doesn’t care whether we think she’s super or small.

She’s just there and there for us”

 Full Moon 'Supermoon' Pink Moon by NASA
The Next Full Moon Is a ‘Supermoon’ Pink Moon
by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

What is the Sturgeon Moon?

The Sturgeon Moon is an interpretation of the Native American name for this full moon. It marks the time when the Giant Sturgeon of the Great Lakes were caught by Algonquin tribes.

For generations, Native Americans have marked cycles of the moon to signify certain times of the year. In August, we welcome the Sturgeon Moon – also known as the Green Corn Moon, the Red Moon, and the Grain Moon. The full Sturgeon Moon marks the time for noted ease in catching fish in Great Lakes area….The legend of the moon varies across tribes; however, something all tribes seem to have in common is the use of a lunar calendar. Tribal winter counts were done by using the lunar calendar to record notable events throughout the year — and each moon signified something different for each tribe that named it.

Tristan Picotte, Nativeknott 2019

The English name for this moon is the Corn Moon and marks the beginning of the harvest season

The Celtic name for this moon is the Dispute Moon, highlighting the transition of the seasons and the impact on the harvest. It could be a hot and dry summer or a temperate wet summer, both can impact what we reap during harvest season.

Sturgeon Moon setting at dawn
Sturgeon Moon setting at dawn 20190816
by Kenneth Cole Schneider

What does this Sturgeon Moon mean?

This year, the Sturgeon Moon is in Aquarius, bang in the middle of Leo Season. With Leo being firey, excitable and creative, the moon in Aquarius can help us to take a step back and to review before we act.

I have used this moon to review my year so far, forgive any previous hurt, release what hasn’t served me for six months and finesse my plans moving forward, rather than jumping straight in.

What can I do during this full moon?

First thing’s first that I have to remind a lot of people, the full moon lasts three days… If you can’t do something for it tonight, that’s OK. You have another two days!

As the full moon is generally the time we release (see more about Moon Work in my Beginners Guide to Witchcraft), now is a good time to literally throw something away that you no longer need. Not exactly a deep clean but I use full moons to clear my work desk and start the new cycle fresh.

If you have set any intentions for the year, check in on them. How are they going? Do some require more attention? Are some not quite there and maybe need a refresh?

Check in with yourself. How are you? How is your year going? Are there any thoughts or moments you can release that you don’t want to take into the second half of the year?

What rituals can I do during this full moon?

Release Ritual:

Take a bayleaf and write what you want to release, burn the bayleaf in a firesafe place and meditate. As you meditate, imagine the thing you’re letting go of leaving your body.

Cork and bayleaf
Cork and bayleaf
by PedjaP

Forgiveness Ritual:

Write a letter to the person, moment or thing you want to forgive, especially if it’s yourself. Burn it in a firesafe place. As the flames consume the thing that you wanted to forgive look up at the moon and thank her for giving you the strength to let go, release and move forward. As the flames die down, feel how much lighter you are.

Manifest with the Moon:

Use this moon to begin manifesting something for the remainder of the year, something more short term factoring in things like the shorter days that will come.

Write down:

  • What you want to achieve in the present tense as though you already had it, like an affirmation
  • How you achieved this thing as though you already did it
  • Meditate and picture that moment of success

As you’re doing this, either on a candle or in a firesafe dish, burn the cinnamon (prosperity and abundance), coffee (speed), rosemary (positivity) and spearmint (wealth and good luck)

The next morning, repeat your affirmation. Whether this is written down, said to yourself in the mirror or whispered quietly to yourself as you make your morning coffee.

Remember, with all intention setting and manifestation action is required, remember the list you made of how you achieved your goal and start putting those steps into place on the final night of the full moon.

the moon
by Frances Lane
the moon
by Frances Lane

We hope this was helpful and we’ll be sure to have a write up ready for the next Full Moon in Pisces on 10th September!

How are you celebrating the Sturgeon Supermoon in Aquarius?

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Featured image: British Night Sky by tombayly13