Simple rituals for beginner witches

North London Witch shares some of her favourite rituals for beginner Witches.

I know what it’s like when you’re first starting out. It feels like a minefield on what to do and what not to do when you’re starting your journey into witchcraft, there is so much gatekeeping and horror stories that some of you may be anxious to take the next step in your craft. Many people advise not to do any kind of spell work in your first year, sure, some spell work is not recommended, but there are some simple ways to start once you have your energies in control, and even some before. 

I mean, how else are you going to learn? 

Now, please, for the love of all that is divine (however you lean in your practice), do not jump straight into filling lemons and hexing just because other people are doing it and ‘it looks easy’. You don’t want anything coming back to you or rebounding, and so many more seasoned witches seem to spend an awful lot of time trying to help clean up messes… tbh, it’s a bit exhausting. 

So, let’s go through some simple, easy to manage rituals that you can practice for yourself as you’re learning. 

Image by karin.krn 

Ritual baths

One of the best things, especially around a full or new moon. And the most relaxing thing you can do. 

Pick and incense or candle that matches your intention. Sandalwood for cleansing, lavender for soothing, rose for self love. 

Pick your ingredients and water safe crystals. 

For example, when I take a full moon bath, I use dried garden sage, lavender essential oils or fresh lavender, pink Himalayan salt and burn a cinnamon candle and sandalwood incense. All of these things have cleansing and protective properties. Bonus points if you add moon water too! 

If you can’t be arsed with the mess afterwards, you can put everything in a little bag and hang it under the bath as you run it. 

Create a protection candle 

I’m going to tell you two ways you can do this! One way with a taper / spell candle, and one way with a tea light. 


Basically any herb with protective properties but here are a few that you’ll probably find in your kitchen

  • Cloves (also used for banishment)
  • Sage
  • Rosemary 
  • Cinnamon
  • Sigil or phrase (e.g. ‘this place is protected’)
  • Any kind of oil if you’re using a taper/spell candle 
  • Black candle (or white as it can be used for any colour)

Step 1:

First you need to cleanse your space, you can use incense for this. Next, put your intentions into your herbs, otherwise, they are just herbs. You need to tell them what to do, if you want to literally say it, that totally works. Grind or mix your herbs as you do this. 

Step 2:

Carve your sigil or phrase into your candle, I use a sewing needle but if that’s effort, a sharpie will do! 

Step 3:

For a taper candle, take your oil and EITHER rub the oil towards you to invite the protection to you, or rub away from you to repel the negative energies. Whichever you think is right on this occasion. My preference is to dress towards me when making a protection candle. 

Step 4:

Pour out your herbs and spices onto a sheet / easy to clean surface. Lay your oiled candle in the herbs and, as above, either roll towards you to invite the protective energies or roll away from you if you want to repel the negative energies. Again, my preference is towards me. 

Step 5:

Light and think your intention clearly. You can even repeat it to yourself out loud. 

If you’re using a tea light, I like to melt the wax first so do steps 1 and 2 above, then take your tea light and pop it in a saucepan with the heat low. When the surface of the wax has melted you can sprinkle your ingredients on top then go straight to step 5! 

Cut-away spell 

This kind of spell that has a lot of different uses but for this example we’re just going to use it as a way to let go of barriers or anything you need to let go of. I have even used it during periods of high stress when I need to push away those negative energies that are holding me back. 


  • 2 tall black candles (again, can be subbed for white) 
  • Piece of string

Step 1:

Cleanse yo’ space!

Step 2:

I like to carve my sigil or phrase into both candles with my intention

Step 3:

Tie the string around the middle of each candle so you have a tightrope situation between the two of them

Step 4:

Light both candles with your intention clear in your mind, or say it out loud. I like to ask the universe to give me the strength to let go. 

Keep the candles burning until the string has separated 

There are obviously many more you can try, but I will leave extras to Emma as you should always learn from more than one source! Remember, you can always reach out to us both for questions and that research is your best friend on this journey. Find my social links here.

Blessed be!

Creative comms images:

“the girl who drowned herself in sweet memories” by karin.krn is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

“Candle smoke” by The Ewan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“light a candle” by gioiadeantoniis is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Author: AJ The Witch

Formerly 'North London Witch' but now I don't live in London!

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