Witchcraft at work: Interview with The Word Witch

We speak to the fabulous ‘Witchy Freelancer’ and Word Witch, Emma Cownley in todays Working Witches interview!

We love everyday witchcraft here at Digital Coven and we know you do too, so we partnered with some fabulous real life witchy types to dicuss how they bring witchcraft into their daily lives. Today’s interview is with the fabulous Emma Cownley, or as we like to refer to her, The Word Witch! She is not only kicking ass in life but also in the business word, we love a Witch who means business!

Let’s get started shall we?

First, tell us about yourself!

My name’s Emma, and I’m a freelance writer from London. When I’m not busy being a pen monkey, you’ll find me playing the drums, riding horses, turning dead animals into works of art, or sitting in seat J13 at The Prince Charles Cinema. 

And now…what you do and your career journey up until now

I’m a freelance writer for B2C brands in the music, fashion, and lifestyle space. I mostly write for alternative brands or super luxe brands. If I’m lucky, I’ll get a client who’s a mix of the two!

I started in a customer service role for an online aquatic retailer, and I slowly edged my way into the copywriting side of the business. Once I got a taste for writing, I went for my first proper copywriting job at printed.com. 

After about four years, I realised I’d gone as far as I could with that company, and I decided to go solo. I’m a bit of a wimp and don’t have a lot of confidence, so I thought freelance life would help me own my power a bit more. And boy, has it. Trial by fire!

I’ve been freelance for five years now, and it’s been a real journey. In the best way, of course. One look at my website will show you how much of a hoot I’m having.

What is witchcraft to you?

It’s a grounding force and a guide. I’m a real dreamer — a romantic prone to floating away into space like an untethered balloon! I’m also a worrier. My practice gives me a sense of control and helps keep me rooted in the here and now. By reconnecting with nature, the cycle of the moon, and the turn of the seasons, I find firm and tangible grounding. It’s real, and it’s right there to enjoy.

Witchcraft is also a great lens for self-growth and self-examination. By moving with the seasons, journaling with tarot cards, and meditating with spirit guides, I can look at myself truthfully and gently course-correct towards being happier, kinder, and more content.

How do you use witchcraft in your day to day life?

I start the day by setting my intentions with a daily devotion (always gotta be walking in love and light!). I usually write in my dream journal each morning and I like to draw an oracle card for the day before I start work (I use The Literary Witches Oracle Deck). I also draw a tarot card at the full moon each month. 

I’ll finish my day with a gratitude devotion where I think about how fucking lucky I am. I think about all the small delights I enjoyed during the day, the things that tested me and what I learned, and I take a minute to think about all my loved ones. It helps me decompress and unpack everything that happened, rather than letting each day slip past without a second thought.

My practice is mostly rooted in the practical, day-to-day side of things. I’d probably call myself a hearth witch — I’m very invested in cultivating good energy in my home and using it to help others.

Emma Cownley – Professional Word Witch

And professional life?

When I’m writing, I work with a muse spirit, and I sometimes light a candle for her. Whenever I sit down to work, I take a quick minute to think about how it feels when I’m struck by the excitement of a cool idea — your heart flips, and you get a sudden flush of energy. That’s the spirit of my muse! By making that small connection with the spirit of inspiration, I’ve ‘invoked’ her, and I’m ready to work. 

I also use sigils for everything. As a writer, they’re my favourite magickal tool. I have sigils for my Filofax, for client jobs, and one that I use to ‘activate’ my home office. I’ve carved the office sigil into the side of an orange pillar candle, and I light it each morning to open up my office energies. I also smudge my office with sage once a week to clear out the nasties — I see my desk as a writing altar, so I like to keep it sacred.

How have you used witchcraft to support in shaping your career?

Tarot cards have played a huge part in shaping my career. I do a full yearly spread every Samhain and pay special attention to my business during that. 

I also use Esbats and Sabbats to perform any magickal nudges needed to get me back on track. As a freelancer, a huge part of my business success comes directly from my own mindset and confidence levels. If I’m stuck in a pit of self-doubt or trapped in a scarcity mindset, I can really hurt my own progress. Magick helps me refocus and tap back into my personal power.

The Witchy Freelancer

Does your work know about your practice?

Absolutely. It’s become part of my brand at this point! Last year I came out of the broom closet by launching an mini eBook called The Witchy Freelancer and, to my delight, the freelance community rallied to support me. I was surprised by some of the people who bought it, too — people I’d never have suspected would be into all this ‘woo-woo’ stuff. 

A few freelance colleagues recently called me out on Twitter asking for a witchy newsletter. After giving it some thought, I realised there actually was a lot of interest and a gap in the market for something like that. So I launched a monthly newsletter called The Copy Coven. It’s packed with writing exercises, creativity boosting ideas, and a section on the moon cycle of the month and how to work with it. I’d never have thought of the idea without my colleagues! 

I’d love to make my practice a bigger part of my work life by joining forces with Wiccan and new age brands. It’s actually one of my goals for the year! Someone like Witchy would be great. I adore their products and their brand tone of voice.

How do colleagues/clients respond?

Really bloody well, actually! I try not to be preachy with my beliefs because I understand they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. I’d never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. But, to be fair, I don’t think anyone was surprised when I ‘came out’! I even had two of my clients download my eBook — that’s how you know you’re working with the right people!

Where can people find you?

You’ll find me over on my website, Jot Jot Boom or on Twitter. If you’d like to hear more from me, check out my newsletter or grab a copy of The Witchy Freelancer. Come and say hi — I don’t bite (not all the time, anyway).

Ah, thank’s Emma, you super star!

Let’s us know any qustions that you may have for Emma in the comment below or via our channels, as we do love chatting with you!

Until Next time!

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